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What is IMEI Number and how to know?

How to know IMEI Number, you must have known this, but do you know what is IMEI Number? This thing might have come to the mind of many when you would have bought a new mobile phone. These numbers are generally connected to the mobile phone itself, and they are mainly different from mobile to mobile.

When you would have seen this number in your mobile for the first time, then many questions would have come in your mind but you would not have got any precise answer to those questions. Now you guys don't need to search any more. Because today I have brought complete information about IMEI number for you guys.

And one more thing is that have you ever wondered how this Acronym “IMEI” is connected to your phone. Do you know its real work and why it is so important? For your information, let me tell you that all the new mobile phones that you buy have a unique IMEI number and which cannot be changed.

Then what is the delay, let's know what is this IMEI number? Why it is so important and how we can use this thing in our daily life, complete information about it

What is IMEI Number

The full form of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. This is such a number that each mobile is different from any other mobile. Whenever you will ever buy a new mobile, then you must have noticed this number IMEI in that box or receipt.

Or even if you have ever taken your mobile for repair, you must have noticed that the IMEI number is noted for warranty and identity.

A standard IMEI number is of 14 digits, along with some additional check numbers are also added. The second IMEI / SV (SV means Software Version) is of 16 digits, but it is only in new mobile phones.

The IMEI number is no longer limited to the identity of the phone, it can even block a device. If your mobile phone has been stolen, then through this number you can also block your number by informing your local service provider. This number is mostly used by the police to locate stolen phones.

The format from 2004 to the present is something like this: AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D. The first two parts, labeled A and B, are called Type Allocation Code (TAC), and are directly related to the manufacturer and model of the phone.

For example, the TAC of iPhone 5 is 01-332700 and that of Samsung Galaxy S2 is 35-853704. The second part labeled C is a serial number which is unique for all handsets and it decides the manufacturer of that mobile. And the last digit is a checksum, which is used to verify the entire string.

What is the main function of IMEI number?

If seen, the main job of IMEI number is to identify the mobile. But it also has other advantages such as preventing theft of mobile phones and helping the police in mobile tracking.

As all mobiles have a unique IMEI number, then it cannot be changed, even if that thief uses another SIM, even then he cannot use the mobile phone if it has been blocked. The IMEI number is hard coded well in the device hardware, due to which it is not so easy to remove it without spoiling the mobile.

If our mobile phone has ever been stolen and if we have given a complaint, then our service provider has the option that they can blacklist that mobile phone through IMEI number and can also track its exact location.

Can the government track your IMEI number?

The answer is yes. If there is such a thing in which the government will need your details, then they can see our details. If there is a problem where your personal details are not available on your IMEI number, then the government has to track it for your information.

Even if your mobile is lost somewhere, you can still find your mobile by contacting your service provider. If your mobile phone is on then it can be tracked very easily. One thing must be remembered that never share your IMEI number with anyone else because hackers can also track your location.

How to Find IMEI Number

Now you must be thinking that how to know IMEI Number, what is our IMEI Number. So there is no such thing as tension, I will tell you guys how to find out. Entering *#06# in Maximum Mobile shows your IMEI Number.

But this is mainly applicable for old mobile phones. So let's know what to do for a new mobile phone to know the IMEI number.
  • iOS (iPhone, LTE/3G iPad): Go to Settings > General > About menu
  • Android: Do this “Setting” menu under “About Phone”
  • Older Sony or Sony Ericsson : Enter “*Right* Left Left *Left * on the Keypad
  • Blackberry or Newer Sony Ericsson: Do this “Options” menu under “Status”
If you want to check what your IMEI number reveals about your handset, then you can check this website

How To Find IMEI Number In Your Mobile

In many mobile phones, you can find the IMEI number by going to the setting of that mobile. But if you want to find the IMEI Number in the same mobile then you have to find it under the battery of that mobile or on the side of the battery of the mobile. In this way you can locate your IMEI number in your mobile phone. is Provide All Information About Blogging, Coding, Apps Review, Latest Technology and Much More.

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