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What is Voice Recognition System and How Does It Work?

Voice Recognition System is a system that can easily understand the voice spoken by the user and works accordingly. In this, this machine is programmed in such a way that it can understand the meaning of spoken words and interpret it properly and do important things.

Do you know what is Voice Recognition System and how it works. Along with this, today we will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. I will also tell you about its history. Today we will give you all this information in your language Hindi, so let's know.

Being able to do all this was negligible at one time, but gradually when Computer Scientist and Mathematician started working day and night on this concept, a technology was invented which was named Voice Recognition.

Nowadays this technology is available in every mobile phone and computer. So friends, let's know about it in detail, what is Speech Recognition.

What is Voice Recognition System

Voice Recognition is also called Speech Recognition. It is a computer software program, it is also a hardware device which has the ability to understand human voice.
Speech Recognition is a technology, which takes the words spoken by the human as input and converts those words into digital form, understanding it and takes action on it.

This technology is used to operate the mobile phone, to give command to the mobile and to search through voice. In this you do not need to use any keyboard, mouse and you do not need to press any button.

For this a program is used which is named ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). For this you need to train (teach) ASR PROGRAM.

With which it will recognize your voice and answer your questions and if you have given a command to do any work, then it will show the work. Take an example, you will say "Open Whats app" then the mobile understands your given command and opens the WhatsApp app.

The best example of this technology is "Google Assistant" which is an application of Google. SIRI is also an example of voice recognition technology software.

This is Apple's application. You will find many software in the market which run with Speech Recognition. Most of this Voice Recognition Technology is used in Bio matrices, Office, Medical. So now let's know how it works..

How Voice Recognition Technology Works

Knowing how it works is very important. When you say something, Voice Recognition has to go through a lot of complex steps to convert your words into On-Screen-Text (what you say will appear on the mobile screen) or a command.

Whenever you say something, a vibration is created. This Vibration is nothing but Analog Signal. Mobile or Computer uses ADC Translator to convert analog waves to digital. You must know this that the computer understands Digital Signal only.

ADC follows all these steps to convert Analog to Digital. Divides the Sounds into Small Samples in a Particular Interval. Digitizes that sound. The system removes unwanted noise by filtering the Digitize Sounds Wave.

Also, by normalizing the sound, the volume is taken to the constant level. The need to make the level of sound constant is because not everyone pronounces it in the same speed. However, the Input Sound is easily matched with the Sound that is already in the Sound System Memory.

After this these sounds are divided into small parts and small part means the eighth part or thousandth part of 1 second. With which these few letters can be easily identified like P, B, T because it is easy for us to understand them but if it is a very difficult task in the field of Computer and Smartphone. That's why it is divided into such small parts.

Now the last step is left, small bits of these sounds are matched with the digital signal stored in the system. As the match with 'G' signal is G, O with O, D with D.

If you mix these three then you will become "God". If we talk about Google Assistant, then speaking the word God in it shows the meaning of God. So now let's talk about the example of some Voice Recognition Software.

Examples of Voice Recognition Software

In this we will talk about 1 special application which runs through the application “Voice Recognition Technology”.

Google Assistant

This is a people's favorite application. This Assistant is developed by Google. It was announced in May 2016 at the Google I/O conference. In this you can do 2 way conversion, meaning you can talk as you can with your friend. And you can operate your mobile without even touching it.

Now a question must have come in your mind that what can this application do. So below are some commands that you can use in Google Assistant. You will also get the answer immediately. Remember, first of all, by pressing the Home Button in Mobile, use all the commands given below. Or use it by saying OK Google.

Google Assistant Commands

Whats The Temperature: With this command you get the temperature and weather information for the whole day.

Show me the direction to Chandni Chowk: This command will show you the shortest route from your location to Chandni Chowk in Google Map. If you want, you can also take any other name instead of Chandni Chowk.

Wake up me at 4 am or Wake up me After 1 Hour: This command sets the alarm and lets you set an alarm at 4.00 am. You don't have any hesitation to do anything else.

Play Music: You must have loved listening to songs, that's why. Yes, this command is for you only. As soon as "Play Music" was spoken, the song started playing in the mobile. If you want, you can also name the song after Play Music. If you say paly music kolawari d then this song will play in Google Music player.

Send a Text Message to Rahul: Through this command you can send any text message to Rahul. There is no need to write a message, whatever you say, the same message will go to Rahul's name contact number. Here Rahul is taken as an example.

Whats The Square Root of ___: This is a mathematical command. If you say any number after speaking this command, then the square root result of that number will come out. If you want, you can also use other commands.

Open WhatsApp: This is a wonderful command through which you can open any app by speaking. You can also say Open Map, Open Facebook.

Make a Reminder: You may have forgotten a lot, you may not even remember anything. So you can save any reminder with this command. You can see Reminder through Show me My Reminder.

Good Morning / Good Evening: This is a great command of Google Assistant. When you say Good Morning, you will get the complete details of the day in reply.

Show me my Emails: The emails that have arrived in Gmail. Shows them. When you use all these commands in your mobile, you will understand how Voice Recognition works.

This is how Apple's Siri application works. Let us now know, what is the application.

Applications of Speech Recognition

It is gaining a lot of popularity in the fields of technology, let us know and where is its application.

There is a lot of contribution in controlling the device. Like by saying Ok Google, you can control your mobile completely through Voice and you can give any command.

In this way you can control Call Receive, Music and Map through Voice Command by connecting your mobile with Car via Bluetooth. You do not need to touch the mobile at all.

Voice Typing – You must know about Google Voice Typing, in which you can write anything by speaking. You can write a lot in a short time. Voice Typing is also very speedy and you can write without spelling mistake.

Call Center – Whenever you call a customer care number, it says there, give your message through Voice Command. This is also possible with this technology.

You must have heard the name of Bio Matrics – where this technology is used more. Voice is used for ID verification in big software companies. The time has come to know the history of this technology. So let's know.

History Of Voice Recognition Technology

1. 1950s to 1960s

This was the period when Voice Recognition Technology was a small child, meaning it was time to start. At that time, Voice Recognition used to work only on Number and Digit. In 1952, a scientist named 'Audrey' invented it in Bells Laboratory. But it too could understand only numbers.

2. 1960s to 1970s

After this, it was redeveloped in 1962 by a company named Shoebox. After some time, along with time, the ability to understand 9 consonant and Vowel had also come.

3. 1970s

The U. S. Defense department changed its thinking and increased its contribution to Speech Recognition Technology. Between 1971 and 1976, they started a research program called DARPA SUR (Speech Understanding Research). The result of this program was very good. Carnegie Mellon developed the Harpy. In which he had the ability to understand 1011 words. He invented a system that could understand Logical Sentence.

Due to the Advancement in Bells Laboratory, it was made so advanced in the 1970s that it could easily understand the language of two persons.

4. 1980s

This was the era of the Markov model, it was something different in that it used data to determine the unknown sound. In which there was no contribution of Speech Pattern or Fixed Template. This technology had a good contribution in business industries and business applications.

With the help of this technology, a doll was made for the children in 1987. Whose name was Julie, this doll was made to exercise in such a way that it could answer the words of the children. One problem with voice recognition in the 80s was that you had to take a break after saying something.

5. 1990s

The 1990s was the era of Microprocessor. And Speech Recognition Software also started appearing in front of people. There was a company named Dragon which. Released a software named 'Dragon Dictate', it was the world's first Voice Recognition Software. Common people could also use this software.

While improving it in 1997, another software was developed which was named "Dragon Naturally Speaking" Software. In which he had the ability to understand 100 words. BellSouth introduced Voice Activated Portal (VAL) and it had a lot of mistakes.

6. 2000s

Until 2001, it was on the teachings of Voice Recognition technology, when Google entered the entry. Google invented Google Voice Search Application for iPhone. Which, using the data center, used to answer the questions of the users by matching the words spoken by the human with the data which is the data center.

You must know that Google is very intelligent. In 2010, Google released a Personalized Recognition application for Android. Through which Google started recording Voice Queries to make a good Speech Model.

Due to this a database of 230 Billion Words was created. Right now the name of that application is Google Assistant, about which I have already given you information.

This Personal Assistant is very intelligent as well as funny because you can also talk funny with it through Voice. Apple also invents its Personal assistant without delay, which is named Siri. Hope you must have liked the information about history, now you know about its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Voice Recognition

Just like every technology has advantages and disadvantages, similarly this Voice Recognition Technology also has. I know if you are curious to know this, then let's start with goodness.

Benefits of Voice Recognition

You can get your work done easily and in less time. You need to touch the mobile to get you very little time or very little. You can do all the tasks just by speaking through Voice.

For the person who is physically incompetent, it can be very helpful and companion and can do all his work. Neither he needs to hold any mouse nor any keyboard. If you want to write some text, then it is possible through Voice Command.

Useful for those who have no hands at all. You do not need to worry about Grammatical Error and Spelling at all. If we talk about speed, then it is very fast. About which you cannot even think, you will keep on speaking and will keep on writing.

For the students, it is an angel, they do not need to type anything, just those who ask the question, they will get the answer immediately.

Disadvantages of Voice Recognition

As you have been told, Google records your voice. It may also happen that your voice is being used in the wrong way. It is a bit difficult to understand the voice in the beginning.
Due to the pronunciation being wrong, the input of the word can also be taken wrong and whose output can also be wrong. When there is background sound, the data starts writing less accurate and reverse.

In a quiet place, you will have to speak loudly, due to which unrest can spread. Even if there is a change in your tone, it is also a little difficult to understand the speech. is Provide All Information About Blogging, Coding, Apps Review, Latest Technology and Much More.

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